My favorite jewelry

This watch is inherited from my great grandmother. It is so beautiful, I don't even dare to use it, imagine how many memories are bound to this watch!

my all times favorite! I have only owned it for like 3 weeks, and look how used it is...

I get one or two of those charms every year, from my dear uncle and aunt. They are from Pandora, and soo heavy! But look at those charmes, how cute arent they?

I wanted this ring for like two years, and looked at it at ysl`s website almost every day. One year I got it as a christmas present, I am so lucky!

I got this necklace from my two best friends for my birthday last year.

I got this from my dad when we were in India together. The stones have a amazing color, and the quality is fantastic. I had a few years where I used it everyday, and it still looks new.

Got this ring from a friend in England.
Got yourself a favorite?


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