how to style a simple white top

the basic white top. Mine is 100% cotton, and I bought it several years ago, in India.

Casual. I just loove those long and flattery cardigans, they give the outfit a very casual but also chic look. I thou find it boring with this simple combination, so I just threw a big golden statement necklace over.

Chic. Everybody knows that black is the opposite of white, and I love this contrast. So why not simply throw an elegant black blazer over? To bring a bit color to it, find a fun necklace.

Winter. Yes, it is possible to wear a simple top at colder seasons too! This cardigan is 100% wool, and very warm, I don't even freeze in this, and Norway can be pretty cold.

Did you find this guid fun/helpful? Sorry for the bad quality, the pics are taken at the middle of the night.

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